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Are you still on the fence about working with Dr. Gois?
Take a look at the testimonials below from patients and colleagues that attest to what working with Dr. Gois can do for you.

Allergies, Asthma, Depression, IBS, Pain

  • Dr. Gois is truly a lifesaver! I had extreme depression and heartburn everyday and felt like crap all the time; that is until I met her. Once I put my trust in her detailed plan, I have never felt better! I sleep so great, I have so much energy in the morning, my bowel movements are normal. Oh yeah, did I mention energy because seriously I never have to drink coffee anymore and it's amazing!! My stress seems easier to deal with. I go out with my friends a lot more and the biggest is that I've lost weight! Yeah, lost weight!!!! Twenty-five pounds to be exact! It only takes the right doctor to make you feel better. I genuinely believe that Dr. Gois has a gift, this gift of her time and passion and just ability to listen and find out what was wrong with my body has helped me heal and I can't even begin to thank her enough!
    Jennifer S., 34 years old

Wellness & Longevity

  • I've tried lots of different things. Gone to neurologists, a surgeon, a GP and a chiropractor and I wanted to see if there was anything else I could do. Dr. Gois seemed more careful and gave me the attention that I needed. She gave me guidance about getting my health better. I'm taking care of my body better and I'm proud of being alive!, I want to last another 10 years! She cares for patients, not just processes them. She will give you counsel that will get you on a path toward improving your body's physical wellbeing.
    James B., 80 years old

Weight Loss, Fatigue

  • I am very pleased with Dr. Gois and her staff. They are always professional, friendly & helpful. All my appointments have been on time with little to no wait. Dr. Gois takes time to answer any questions I night have and explain all procedures in terms that I can understand. She seems truly interested in my health and recommends ways for me to have a healthy and productive life. Her injections were expertly done with no discomfort at all.
    Elizabeth B., 71 years old

Chinese Medicine Mentor

  • Dr. Hazel Gois is a wonderful person as well as a wonderful doctor. Her insights and dedication to your health allow her to get to the root cause of your illness and find true health.
    David Berkshire, NUNM Faculty

Clinical Instructor

  • I know Dr. Gois as a dual trained practitioner of skill and sound knowledge, invested in delivering excellent patient care with presence and grace.
    Daniel Silver, NUNM Clinical Faculty