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3 Free Yoga Challenges to Kick-Start the New Year

Hello Dear Friends!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful new year! With every new year comes new year’s resolutions. One of my resolutions this year is to create a daily yoga practice. Whether I complete a 60 minute vinyasa class or a 20 minute restorative class, I want to incorporate yoga into my daily routine so it becomes a habit. I want this for myself because I want to improve my flexibility, strength, balance and all the things that a regular yoga practice can provide.

I hope you’ll join me in making yoga a regular part of your life. Below you’ll find 3 free online yoga challenges that you can use to kick-start the new year and get started on the right foot.

Research shows that it takes at least 21 straight days to turn something from a hobby into a habit. If you follow these challenges with me, you can create a yoga habit too!

Transform Your Life 30-Day Yoga Challenge – DoYogaWithMe

DoYogaWithMe 30-Day Challenge

Photo Credit: is providing a free 30-Day Yoga Challenge. The challenge starts today, so get out your yoga mat and join me on the floor!
David Procyshyn, the creator of, did is own 30-day yoga challenge way back when. He says it transformed his life. His goal is for this challenge to transform out lives as well.
All you have to do to is go to the page linked above. Classes will be posted to that page everyday. They provide 2 different videos: a beginner & intermediate series. So, even if you’ve been doing yoga for a few years you can still benefit from this challenge. The classes are designed to flow from one into the next. So, pick your poison stick with it for the long haul. If you come across a class that you absolutely love, you can purchase it for your yoga collection.

Yoga Body Bootcamp – TheJourneyJunkie

TheJourneyJunkie Yoga Body Bootcamp Challenge

Photo Credit:

The Yoga Body Bootcamp by Allie from TheJourneyJunkie is a 7 day class aimed to reset & reconnect. The journey starts January 8th and it goes straight to you inbox.

Allie has quickly become my favorite YouTube Yogi. I love her 30 Pose Journey and her 5-Day Beginner Yoga Journey. She breaks down the yoga poses so you can follow along and make sure you’re doing them right! I think this is essential for beginners to prevent injury. She’s a huge proponent for props like yoga blocks & bolsters. If you’re a yoga newbie like me, I highly recommend browsing her blog, The Journey Junkie. It’s packed with a ton of great info for anyone who wants to learn more about yoga.

I had my first exposure to yoga and took my first yoga classes in high school, way back when. For some reason I just didn’t stick with it, even though I knew that I liked it. If I had continued my yoga journey I may have been able to do handstands by now. But, everything has a purpose, right? I may not have discovered Allie and all the other amazing yoga instructors sharing their love of yoga if I hadn’t wanted to re-incorporate it into my life today.

Wanderlust 21-Day Challenge – Wanderlust TV

WanderlustTV 21-Day Challenge

Photo Credit: Wanderlust TV

Wanderlust TV is providing a 21-Day yoga challenge with Schuyler Grant, Wanderlust’s National Director of Yoga. This challenge begins on January 9th and all you have to do to join is sign-up on their website. The goal of the challenge is to allow you to master 60 yoga poses in just 3 weeks! Sounds like a great start for beginners and more experienced yogis alike. Once the challenge is over, you can purchase and keep the videos for your yoga library.

I can’t wait to get started! This is how I’m kicking off my yoga resolution for 2017. The 2nd week of January might be pretty tough since I’ll have 3 challenges going on at the same time but I’m excited about it! I really want to make yoga a part of my daily life and I can’t envision a better way of doing that than completing all three challenges at the same time!

Will you be joining me? Do you have daily yoga as one of your new year’s resolutions or did you add it to your list after reading this? I’d love to hear from you!

~ Dr. Gois